About Us

At RB Tech and Games, we strive to make a difference. Bring about innovation is one of our primary goals. The gaming sector in Pakistan has shown little promise, but we aim to change that perception. Perfection is a trait very few companies overlook, however at RB Tech we settle for nothing less than absolute perfection, which is why we have built strong connections with our customers all over Pakistan.

Our History

RB Tech and Games is the brainchild of two gamers who have been in the industry for the last 10 years. The idea to transform gaming into a thriving business took root when two friends started organizing gaming competitions in their university. After graduation, both of them took it upon themselves to fulfill the needs of gamers all over Pakistan. Their goal was to raise the standards of Pakistan’s gaming sector by providing international-grade services. With that vision in mind, RB Tech and Games came into existence.